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The Ultimate GDPR Marketing Preference & Consent Management Solution.

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Your GDPR Marketing Preference & Consent Management Portal

Consensys7 Marketing Preference & Consent Management Portal is a secure, cloud-based application that allows for enterprise wide collation and management of consumer consent and preferences across multiple channels and brands, integrating easily with existing in-house and third party systems.

It provides that all important audit trail to demonstrate full GDPR compliance.

Why Consensys7?

Consensys7 for Transparency

Consensys7 shows individuals what data you hold on them, how it was acquired and why it’s needed

  • Instantly allow customers to know what data is held and the purpose for which it is used
  • Informs which organisations have access to the data
  • Highlights the processing justification used

Consensys7 for Accountability

Consensys7 shows individuals and regulators that you have the right permissions or justifications for processing personal data

  • Manages audit trails and consent receipts
  • Demonstrates GDPR compliance
  • Manages subject access requests and right to erasure workflows

Consensys7 for Empowerment

Consensys7 puts the individual in control so they can exercise their individual rights

  • User interfaces for both organisation and individuals to manage data usage (consent or objection to processing)
  • Individuals can consent to their data being shared and sensitive data being collected
  • Individuals can update their individual preferences at any time
  • Individuals can raise Subject Access Requests automatically

Consensys7 for Simplicity

Consensys7 integrates with your existing CRM system, website and email platform, removing the need to redevelop legacy systems

  • Secure UK cloud based solution – no software to install
  • Single view of consent across all channels and platforms
  • Central management and reporting
  • Straightforward setup and ongoing support

Consensys7 not only ensures that we are GDPR compliant but, arguably as important, that we now communicate more effectively and efficiently with our customers.

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The fast, afforable, scalable and secure solution for GDPR compliance

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